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Throw these albums on your radar...

So we've been mighty busy the last few months, but ol' Mr. Mogul thought it was a good idea and stop by to drop some album love on ya. Here are some records that have come out recently that are worth your dirty dollar. Hopefully we'll have some extra time soon to go into more depth into the albums, but for now just get these:

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead
The Century of Self
This album isn't much of of a departure from their last three offerings Worlds Apart(2005), So Divided(2006), and the warm up ep Festival Thyme (2008) which apparently is from the same session and shares the song Inland Sea. That said there is a rougher, less polished aspect about this album that makes it stand out. Where So Divided was sort of a masterpiece of production, The Century of Self seems strikingly more intimate... feels more like a band. Definitely worth the money if AYWKUBTTOFD (jesus) floats your boat.

Blue Record
Baroness seems to be on everyone's radar right now. And they should be. While I didn't so much care for First and Second I loved Red Album. Blue Record follows in line with the evolution Baroness has shown in the past, following a similar path as Mastodon, while sounding altogether different. There is a lot to this album, from straight sabbath influenced stoned metal, to southern rock influenced prog metal. One of my favorite albums so far this year.
Baroness are also our BAND OF THE MONTH

The Ghost of a Thousand
New Hopes, New Demonstrations
If you haven't heard of The Ghost, give em a listen. This outing differs from their 2007 offering, This is Where the Fight Begins, in that they injected their somewhat spazzy metal hardcore with a healthy dose of rock riffage. Similar in approach to countrymen Gallows, there is just a bit more rock here. They should be blowing up any minute.

Wavering Radiant
What can be said about Isis that hasn't already been said. They were the music reviewers sweethearts for a minute, but I haven't been reading much about this whole "post-metal" genre much recently. Who cares. This album is awesome. If you ever liked Isis you will dig this album. It's full of emotional swings, and the keyboard heaviness actually assists in the songs and adds a level of interest.

Static Tensions
If you haven't listened to Kylesa yet, this is the perfect time to start. Static Tensions is their best album yet. They fit comfortably into the growing niche that Mastodon, Torche, Baroness, and all the rest have been pioneering, but they approach the music with a bit more punk rock mentality. That's not to say these are not solid metal songs, as they are aggressive and ripping, but there is an element of roughness and rawness here that suits Kylesa well. Big Recommendation.

Crack the Skye
I don't think I need to say much about this album right now as it has gotten plenty of exposure. It rules though. If you haven't picked it up yet, what are you waiting for? I liked it way more than Blood Mountain.

Mastodon, Dethklok, High on Fire, & Converge & the Patriot Center 10/31

Napalm Death
Time Waits for No Slave
Another stellar album by a band that needs no introduction. If you liked any of their recent outings, you'll like Time Waits for No Slave more. This album rules.

Poison the Well
Tropic Rot
I really liked You Come Before You back when it came out in 2003. Then I stopped liking it, and after some time revisited it and grew to really appreciate the album. I however never picked up versions. Tropic Rot is solid, and though I don't like every moment, or every song, this is a good outing from Metalcore innovators PTW.


I Blame You
Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, and now Obits. Though I really dug the Night Marchers release in 2008, I like Obits that much more. There are quite a few gems on here. Great, great album. Also, the Obits 7" that came out last year was spectacular as well, though it only has 2 songs.